Heyyy - welcome to Elegant Touch's Insiders!

You're here mainly because you're amazing and we love you! Srsly, you guys... So like the true influential MVPs that you are, we want to give you a sneaky peek at all of our exciting newness - sshhh!

Elegant Touch's Insiders hub has been launched to give you access to our newest and most fabulous products ahead of general launch - we send you products (for free, holla!) and you give your 100% honest reviews after trying them. It really is that easy! You even get to choose what product you want to try and feedback on - don't worry, we get that everyone has different tastes. Not only that but Insiders is the perfect opportunity for us to get a little bit closer to you guys (pretty please!).

The best part is that the Insiders are the first to know! Some of these products are not yet available on the market, and your opinion may be among the first collected. For products not yet available on http://www.eleganttouch.com, we'll save your reviews and post them once the product is offered on our website. Elegant Touch does not influence the opinions of Insiders members, nor do we modify or edit their reviews. A review collected through this program will be labeled as such on http://www.eleganttouch.com